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Free US College Admissions Consultation

Get Into Top US Universities With Prep Zone Academy™
Free US College Admissions Consultation | Prep Zone Academy

"Signing up at Prep Zone was without question one of the most valuable decisions I made in planning my college future."

Prep Zone Academy’s College Admissions team is created with a very special task: to get our students into the world’s top universities, regardless of their readiness level.

Consisting of consultants with more than 20 years of combined experience in US college admissions process, our admissions team is very confident in maximising your admissions chance to the college of your choice.

Below are the main things we do in our comprehensive admissions service:

  • Timeline Management – To ensure that students don’t miss out anything
  • Profile building – To identify areas of opportunity in the profile
  • Regular catch-ups  To track progress & establish new goals to achieve by the next catch-up
  • CV drafting & revising 
  • School selection To pick the right schools based on your profile
  • Brainstorming + common app essay drafting & revising – To get the best results
  • School-specific essay drafting & revising – To ensure that the content and tone are the best they can be for the target university
  • Online application review – To ensure that there are no careless mistakes before submission
  • Interview preparation – Conduct mock interviews to make sure applicants are at their best

In this free consultation, our admissions expert will cover:

  • Student’s Profile & College Plans
  • Application Timeline
  • College Requirements
  • Potential School Choices

This consultation is 100% free – no commitment required.

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For any further inquiries, call our hotline at +65 6812 9999.

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What makes a good application?

Getting accepted to these prestigious schools is a delicate process. Each step of your admissions journey contributes to the ultimate outcome, the long awaited offer to your dream school. Here are some key components that you need, to ensure your admissions success.

Profile Building

Perfecting your profile to suit the university program you intend to apply to. Sourcing out for opportunities with local organizations & activities to get involved in.

US College Admissions | Schools Shortlisting

Realistic School Choices

Finding the right schools to fit your profile and interests –  a range of schools to be your reaches, targets, and safeties.

US College Admissions | Essay Brainstorming & Editing

Good Essay & Interview Skills

Ensure that your essays/statements are authentically you. Just like your essay, interviews showcases how you present yourself, handle stress and deal with others.

Track Record

We have been working with students applying to US colleges for years, and every year we see our students getting into top-ranked universities and Ivy League schools.

AGU of ChicagoAmandaUC Berkeley
BelindaPrincetonAditU of Michigan
AseyBrownMoulayU of Chicago
XWHarvardIGCarnegie Mellon
FengHarvardRitikaJohns Hopkins


Names of students have been changed to protect their privacy

“I found the consultants incredibly helpful throughout the whole college process from helping with essay writing to college selection to interview practice to editing my cover letters for internship applications, just to name a few. I got into my top choice college – all thanks to Simonas and everyone else in the team – truly grateful.”

– AD, University of Chicago

“Prep Zone possesses the necessary tools and expertise to counsel any candidate with bold ambitions. Working with the Prep Zone team, I was given professional and experienced guidance in essay writing and preparation for college applications, and was stretched to be more creative in my work.”
– XH, University of Chicago

“The consultants really helped me select appropriate universities and provided me with significant insight on how to differentiate my common app essays and also in helping to reduce word count and enhance my supplemental essays.”
– PS, University of Southern California

“The overall process was very helpful and I was given various insightful points to help me make my essays more direct about what I was trying to say. I think that through working with Tiffany, my essays became a lot better and definitely helped me land my admission to Emory as they are very essay oriented.”
– CR, Emory University

“I came across Prep Zone by crawling through the internet. Although I only started using them in November 2019, Nirali was constantly in contact with my family from August 2018, really showing Prep Zone’s enthusiastic and determined approach. The consultants were fantastic in helping me with my US essays; the feedback was always on time and very detailed. Furthermore, my mock interview practice with the consultants was invaluable for my UK medical interviews. Overall, I had a great experience with Prep Zone’s professionalism and would highly recommend any applicants world wide to use their services.”
– RA, University of Pennsylvania

“I met with Simonas in my final year of high school initially to decide on what schools to apply to as well as to have someone look over my essays. Not only did Simonas provide the guidance to make navigating the application process simple, but he was able to encourage me to stay on top of things along the way. Having a counsellor also gave me a place to ask questions, and he answered all of them more than adequately. During the essay writing process I had lost motivation and wasn’t meeting my deadlines with Simonas. He repeatedly made contact via email with more information to encourage me to submit, even if my drafts were subpar. The feedback on those essays allowed me to fine tune them to the level needed and resulted in my acceptance to Cornell.”

– ML, Cornell University

Need Help With College Admissions?

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In addition to offering SAT preparation courses, Prep Zone Academy also assists students with college/university admissions. In the past few years, we have sent hundreds of students to the top colleges around the world through our experienced college consultants. We assist with:

  • School Shortlisting
  • Application Management
  • Internship Placement
  • Profile Improvement
  • Personal Statement Improvement
  • Essay Correction
  • Interview Preparation

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