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Be Ready For The Digital SAT With Prep Zone’s

SAT Unlimited Group Course

Unlimited Access To SAT Group Classes For 1 Year
SAT Unlimited Group Course | Prep Zone Academy

Ace the SAT with Prep Zone Academy’s SAT Unlimited Group Course – a comprehensive course covering all you need to know for the SAT! Get 1-year unlimited group access to all our group classes, across all subjects with our top SAT trainers.

Our SAT Unlimited Group Course, features Concept Classes (3 hours each), Tutorials (1.5 hours each) & Practice Review Sessions (1.5 hours each) where students can cover the entire SAT syllabus at their own pace. Once signed up, students are also given access to full-length practice tests online.

You will get unlimited access to Weekend, Summer, & Intensive Groups, attend any

  • Concept Classes – These classes will cover the entire SAT syllabus
  • Tutorials – Attempt advanced-level questions
  • Practice & Review Sessions – Attempt practice papers & review with trainers

Materials/Services provided

  • Prep Zone Academy’s SAT Roadmap – Collection of slides used in the group classes
  • Full-length Online Practice Tests – Familiarise yourself with the SAT question formats
  • Complimentary College Admissions Consultation – Gain exclusive advices from our admissions consultants

We really mean it when we say unlimited! This means that, you can attend any concept class multiple times to reinforce your knowledge on that topic. You will never miss out any class, you can always make-up for it!

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Unlimited Group Course (Weekend)

Last Updated: March 25th, 2024

The comprehensive Unlimited Group Course provides you with 1-year unlimited access to our SAT Weekend, SAT Summer, & SAT Intensive group courses! Learn everything you need to know about the SAT, with the complete flexibility to re-take as many lessons as you want!

The syllabus contains Concept Classes (3 hours each), Tutorials (2 hours each) & Practice Review Sessions (1.5 hours each) where students can cover the entire SAT syllabus at their own pace! Read more

March Group B (Weekend): March 30 - April 21

April Group A (Weekend): April 27 - May 19

May Group A (Weekend): May 25 - June 16

June Group A (Weekend): June 22 - July 14

SAT Unlimited Group Course Overview

US College Admissions | Interview Preparation

Concept Classes – 3 hours each

The concept classes will cover fundamental concepts to build up students’ foundation and complete the entire SAT syllabus. Students will gain a better understanding on how to apply the reading, writing, mathematical concepts & skills taught to real-world problems. Trainers will also discuss about the SAT scoring rubric and strategies to help students answer better & more effectively.

The topics covered are categorised as follows:

  • 4 Reading & Writing Concept Classes: Language Conventions, Syntax & Relevant Information, Reading Skills, Logical Reasoning & Poems Analysis
  • 4 Math Concept Classes: Number Properties, Algebra, Word Problems & Statistics, Geometry & Graphs
US College Admissions | Essay Brainstorming & Editing

Practice Drill Sessions

Tutorials – 1.5 hours each

During tutorials, students will be attempting advanced-level questions under timed conditions & learn how to best tackle the questions effectively. Students can also clarify their doubts during these tutorial sessions. Tutorials: Math, Reading & Writing

Practice & Review Sessions – 1.5 hours each

During these sessions, students will be given SAT practice papers. This helps students to familiarise themselves with the test format & reinforce their understanding through timed practice sections for Math, Reading & Writing. This would be followed by the answer explanations with our SAT trainer. These sessions are available prior to SAT test dates, so be sure to take advantage of them.

Online SAT Practice Test

Free access to full-length SAT practice tests. Once completed, your score report will be generated and sent to you immediately.

Score report features:

  • Overall Score
  • Section Scores
  • Cross-test Scores
  • Subscores
  • Scores Per Topic

Complimentary SAT Prep & College Admissions Consultation

Meet our SAT course consultants to find out about:

  • Your projected score on the SAT
  • When to plan your SAT test dates
  • SAT Preparation  – a clear and strategic test prep approach
  • Your overall test-taking + college admissions timelines

SAT Concept Class Topics

SAT Writing | Concept Class Topics

Reading & Writing Concepts

  1. Language Conventions – Punctuation, Subject-Verb Agreement, Pronouns, Verb Tense
  2. Syntax & Relevant Information – Parallelism, Modifiers, Transitions, Vocabulary, Making use of relevant information/quotes
  3. Reading Skills – Main Idea, Detail, Inference, Author’s Technique, Text structure, Paired texts
  4. Logical Reasoning & Poems Analysis – Poem comprehension, Fill in the blank, Identifying conclusion, Impact of additional evidence
SAT Math | Concept Class Topics

Math Concepts

  1. Number Properties – Factors, Multiples, Odd & Even, Primes, LCM, HCF, Roots & Exponents, Simplifying expressions, Solving linear equations, Quadratic equations, Factoring, Completing the square, Synthetic division
  2. Algebra –Inequalities, Absolute Values, Definitions, Tables & graphs, Complex Numbers, Sequences
  3. Word Problems & Statistics –Percent, Ratio, Money, Rates (Interest, Travel, Work), Mean, Median, Mode, Range & Standard Deviation, Margin of error, Confidence Interval, Probability, Data collection and interpretation, Line Graphs, Bar Graph, Stacked Bar Graph, Pie Charts
  4. Geometry & Graphs – Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circles, Trigonometry, 3D Shapes, Volumes, Cartesian coordinates, Distance between points, Line, Slope, Midpoint, Equation of a line, Parallel & Perpendicular lines, Circles & parabolas, Interpreting graphical models

Overall SAT Schedule

Please take note

 BLUE – Lessons will be conducted ONLINE only
 ORANGE– Lessons will be conducted both ONLINE and in-person (limited slots) at our Orchard office

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SAT Unlimited Group Course

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