October 2019 - SAT Group #2

Duration: October 5th - October 27th

Location: Springleaf

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Concept Class Schedule

These Concept Classes will cover the entire SAT syllabus, where you will learn fundamental concepts to build up the foundation understanding of the SAT. Trainers will also discuss about the SAT scoring rubric and strategies to help you answer better & more effectively.

Each session lasts 3.5 hours, with a 15 minutes break in between. If you miss a session, contact a Prep Zone personnel to arrange for a free make-up session.

Prep Zone Academy Springleaf – 3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower, #08-03, Singapore 079909

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To maximise the effectiveness of the course, take at least 4-5 full-length practice tests throughout the course.

If you are struggling to increase your score, schedule a chat with a course consultant immediately to identify your weaknesses.

Practice & Review Schedule

The Practice & Review sessions focus on real-life exam techniques and difficult SAT questions. In each session, you will be given official SAT past year papers to familiarise yourself with the test format. After that, trainers will review difficult questions to reinforce your knowledge. These sessions are essential to a high SAT score.

Each session is 3+ hours, you can attend as many as you’d like.

November Practice & Review

(Leading up to the December SAT test date)

DateTimeSessionTest SectionLocation
Sat, 29 Feb10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review AReading & WritingRochester
Sun, 1 Mar10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review BMathRochester
Tue, 3 Mar5:00pm - 8:30pmPractice & Review CReading & WritingSpringleaf
Thu, 5 Mar5:00pm - 8:00pmPractice & Review DMathSpringleaf
Sat, 7 Mar10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review EReading & WritingRochester
Sun, 8 Mar10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review FMathRochester
Tue, 10 Mar5:00pm - 8:30pmPractice & Review GReading & WritingSpringleaf
Thu, 12 Mar5:00pm - 8:00pmPractice & Review HMathSpringleaf

Concept Class Topics

Writing Concepts

  1. Writing: Language Conventions – Punctuation (comma, colon, semicolon, apostrophe), Grammar (subject verb agreement, pronouns, verb tense)
  2. Writing: Expression of Ideas – Sentence structure (parallelism, modifiers), Improving an essay (logical sequence, precision, concision, syntax, transitions), Incorporating information from graphs & charts
  3. Writing: Essay – Prompt format, Essay Structure, Review of rhetorical devices, Sample essays

Reading Concepts

  1. Reading: Comprehension 1 – Types of passages (passage length, content), Types of questions (main idea, tone, inference, evidence)
  2. Reading: Comprehension 2 – Types of passages (dual short & dual long), Passages with supplementary material

Math Concepts

  1. Algebra – Manipulation of algebraic expressions, Factorisation, Exponents and Roots, Absolute value, Inequalities, Systems of linear equations, Quadratic equations, Functions, Complex numbers
  2. Word Problems & Statistics – Percentages, Ratio and proportion, Money problems, Interest rate, Travel rate, Work rate, Mean, Weighted averages, Median, Mode, Range, Standard deviation, Progressions, Probability, Samples and population, Confidence intervals, Statistical Models
  3. Geometry & Graphs – Lines and anges, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circles, Spheres, Cylinders, Cones, Rectangular solids, Cartesian distances, Gradient, Equations & equivalent representations, Reflections, Trigonometry, Mathematical models

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