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Tip #1 – Make sure you have registered for the SAT

Don’t delay your application any further or you’ll end up waiting for the March 2020 test.

Registration Deadline  – November 8th
Deadline for Changes – November 26th

It is no surprise that many Singapore SAT test centres have already run out of seats despite the registration deadline being on November 8th.

Not to worry! Based on our experience, if the registration at the test center of your choice is full, you can try choosing the “Let us find you a test center” option at the registration portal. Usually, College Board would get back to you in 7-10 days with the seat availability.

If that doesn’t work, your last resort would be writing in to College Board to inform them that seats have run out more than 2 months prior to the deadline (Will this actually work? Well, it’s definitely worth trying).

Tip #2 – Know where you are taking the SAT

Singapore Test Centers & Codes

Singapore SAT Test Center Center Code
Anderson Junior College 75105
Anglo-Chinese Junior College 75104
Canadian International School 75122
Dulwich College Singapore 75168
Global Indian International School 75149
NPS International School 75138
Stamford American International School 75126
Singapore American School*

*Singapore American School – SAS is a closed testing center for the December SAT test, so do approach the school to get your center code

Tip #3 – Know what you are applying for

Many colleges require SAT Subject Tests, so it would be a good idea to look into the admissions criteria of your intended colleges. If you are applying this year, the next SAT Subject Tests date for the year is November 2nd, 2019. Be sure not to miss it!

The tests mentioned below are available for International students on December 7th, 2019.

  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Tests (Literature, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2, U.S. History)
  • Languages: Reading Only (French, Spanish, Latin)
Tip #4 – Maximize your time, make sure you have an SAT Study Plan

Most candidates, like yourselves, are juggling between prepping for the SATs, attending school and co-curricular activities. This is why…it is essential to have a study plan.

Here’s our proposed study plan if you are planning to sit for the December 7th test date.

First month or so:

  • Take classes, learn techniques and fundamental principles
  • Take a practice test to see where your weak points are. Preferably untimed, focusing more on accuracy and applying the techniques correctly. The aim of this is to see where you might be weak in terms of knowledge/techniques. Rushing yourself at this stage will NOT help.
  • Do 15-20 questions every day, focusing more on your weaknesses. Keep a detailed error log and review mistakes at the end of each week.
  • Do another untimed practice around Oct 13th to reassess, and then keep drilling on your weak points.

Last one month before the test date:

  • Fundamentals should be down by now, so start working on time management. Start doing timed practices: one full, timed section every other day or so.
  • Do at least one full-length practice test per week. This will not only help with time management, but also the mental stamina required for a 3h+ long test (4h+ if with essay).
  • Pssst, we have practice & review sessions leading up to December 7th

All the best prepping for your SAT, if you are in doubt and would like expert advice, we are here to help!

For any further queries on SAT preparation, fill in the following form & our course consultants will reach out to you within 24 hours.

You can also contact us at +65 6812 9999.

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