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SAT Course (Weekend) – June 25, 2022

Duration: June 25th - July 17th

Prep Zone’s SAT Course (Weekend) covers the entire SAT syllabus over 4 weekends. Conquer the SAT with the help of our veteran SAT trainers and extensive live classes. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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SAT Weekend Group Course Overview

US College Admissions | Interview Preparation

8 Concept Classes (3h)

  • 24 hours worth of concept classes
  • Learn all the fundamental concepts to build up their foundation
  • Gain a better understanding on how to apply the reading, writing, mathematical concepts & skills taught to real-world problems
  • Trainers will discuss about the SAT scoring rubric and strategies to help answer better & more effectively
US College Admissions | Essay Brainstorming & Editing

Practice Drill Sessions

Tutorials – Attend at least 1 Reading & Writing, 1 Math

  • Attempt advanced-level questions under timed conditions
  • Learn how to best tackle the questions effectively

Practice & Review Sessions (leading to SAT test dates)

  • Students familiarise themselves with the test format
  • Reinforce their understanding through timed practice sections
  • Answer explanations with trainer
Leading up to August 27, 2022 test date*

*Anticipated test date

Practice Tests (Anytime)

  • Access to SAT full-length practice tests
  • Come in during our operating hours to sit for the test or attempt the test online
  • Receive immediate score report

Concept Class Topics

SAT Writing | Concept Class Topics

Writing Concepts

  1. Writing: Language Conventions – Punctuation (comma, colon, semicolon, apostrophe), Grammar (subject verb agreement, pronouns, verb tense)
  2. Writing: Expression of Ideas – Sentence structure (parallelism, modifiers), Improving an essay (logical sequence, precision, concision, syntax, transitions), Incorporating information from graphs & charts
SAT Reading | Concept Class Topics

Reading Concepts

  1. Reading: Types of Passages & Questions – Types of passages (passage length, content), Types of questions (main idea, tone, inference, evidence)
  2. Reading: Paired Passages & Informational Graphics – Types of passages (dual short & dual long), Passages with supplementary material
SAT Math | Concept Class Topics

Math Concepts

  1. Number Properties – Factors, Multiples, Odd & Even, Primes, LCM, HCF, Roots & Exponents, Simplifying expressions, Solving linear equations, Quadratic equations, Factoring, Completing the square, Synthetic division
  2. Algebra –Inequalities, Absolute Values, Definitions, Tables & graphs, Complex Numbers, Sequences
  3. Word Problems & Statistics –Percent, Ratio, Money, Rates (Interest, Travel, Work), Mean, Median, Mode, Range & Standard Deviation, Margin of error, Confidence Interval, Probability, Data collection and interpretation, Line Graphs, Bar Graph, Stacked Bar Graph, Pie Charts
  4. Geometry & Graphs – Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circles, Trigonometry, 3D Shapes, Volumes, Cartesian coordinates, Distance between points, Line, Slope, Midpoint, Equation of a line, Parallel & Perpendicular lines, Circles & parabolas, Interpreting graphical models

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