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Are you ready to ace the SAT this summer?

Prep Zone Academy’s SAT Summer Intensive Course is designed to cover the entire SAT syllabus over the span of 2 weeks. With more than 30 hours of back-to-back SAT concept classes, tutorials, SAT practice tests, and unlimited access to our extensive SAT practice books, make the best use of your time. The SAT 2-week Summer Intensive Course is suitable for any students gunning for a 1400+ in the SAT.

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Course Structure


8 Concept Classes (3.5h)

28 hours worth of concept classes covering the entire SAT syllabus where students will learn all the fundamental concepts to build up their foundation. Students will gain a better understanding on how to apply the reading, writing, mathematical concepts & skills taught to real-world problems. Trainers will also discuss about the SAT scoring rubric and strategies to help them answer better & more effectively.

2 Tutorials (2h)

Students will be attempting advanced-level questions under timed conditions & learn how to best tackle the questions effectively. Students can also clarify their doubts during these tutorial sessions.

Unlimited Practice + Review Sessions (4h)

Students will be given official SAT past year papers during these Practice & Review sessions. This will help students familiarise themselves with the test format & reinforce their understanding through timed practice sections for Math, Reading & Writing. This would be followed by the answer explanations.


The following materials are included with the course:

  • The New SAT Book by The Tutorverse
  • Prep Zone Academy’s very own SAT Math & Verbal manuals
  • Practice + Review Sessions leading up to October & December test date
  • Unlimited access to our extensive collection of SAT books
  • Over 20 full-length practice tests


I loved that the instructors advised me on what to take note of during the test and provided me with extra practices after the sessions so that I can work on them more at my own time. I also loved that they provided questions that were almost similar to the question types given at the actual assessment. Overall quite helpful!


Prep Zone was an amazing experience! The teachers are very qualified and super friendly. There are so many specialized books that one can borrow. The facilities are excellent and I love the location too. What I liked the best about it was that I could drop by anytime for a practice test and get the results within a couple of days, based on which I could book personalized lessons as per my convenience!! A great place to make learning fun!
Thank you so much for everything!!


Prep Zone has enabled me to perform to the best of my abilities. The friendly tutors, quality of teaching, top-notch facilities and the convenient study materials provided have produced a desirable learning environment. This has undoubtedly facilitated my process of preparing for the SAT!


The course was effective. The time was managed well, and the resources available for practice were very helpful. The trainers were very good and were very much helpful.


SAT Summer Intensive Course Schedules

June 10th - June 21st

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June 24th - July 5th

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July 1st - July 12th

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July 15th - July 28th

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July 29th - Aug 10th

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June 10th - June 21st

DateTimeSubjectClass TypeLocation
Mon, 10 June10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 1ConceptSpringleaf
Tue, 11 June10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Language ConventionsConceptRochester
Wed, 12 June10:00am - 1:30pmMath: AlgebraConceptSpringleaf
Thu, 13 June10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 2ConceptRochester
Fri, 14 June10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Expression of IdeasConceptSpringleaf
Mon, 17 June10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Word Problems & StatisticsConceptRochester
Tue, 18 June10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: EssayConceptSpringleaf
Wed, 19 June10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Geometry & GraphsConceptRochester
Thu, 20 June10:00am - 12:00pmReading & WritingTutorialSpringleaf
Fri, 21 June10:00am - 12:00pmMathTutorialRochester

June 24th - July 5th

DateTimeSubjectClass TypeLocation
Mon, 24 June10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 1ConceptRochester
Tue, 25 June10:00am - 1:30pmMath: AlgebraConceptSpringleaf
Wed, 26 June10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Word Problems & StatisticsConceptRochester
Thu, 27 June10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 2ConceptSpringleaf
Fri, 28 June10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Geometry & GraphsConceptRochester
Mon, 1 July10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Language ConventionsConceptSpringleaf
Tue, 2 July10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: EssayConceptRochester
Wed, 3 July10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Expression of IdeasConceptSpringleaf
Thu, 4 July10:00am - 12:00pmReading & WritingTutorialRochester
Fri, 5 July10:00am - 12:00pmMathTutorialSpringleaf

July 1st - July 12th

DateTimeSubjectClass TypeLocation
Mon, 1 July10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Language ConventionsConceptSpringleaf
Tue, 2 July10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: EssayConceptRochester
Wed, 3 July10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Expression of IdeasConceptSpringleaf
Thu, 4 July10:00am - 1:30pmMath: AlgebraConceptRochester
Fri, 5 July10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 1ConceptSpringleaf
Mon, 8 July10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Word Problems & StatisticsConceptRochester
Tue, 9 July10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 2ConceptSpringleaf
Wed, 10 July10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Geometry & GraphsConceptRochester
Thu, 11 July10:00am - 12:00pmReading & WritingTutorialSpringleaf
Fri, 12 July10:00am - 12:00pmMathTutorialRochester

July 15th - July 28th

DateTimeSubjectClass TypeLocation
Mon, 15 July9:30am - 1:00pmReading: Comprehension 1ConceptSpringleaf
Tue, 16 July9:30am - 1:00pmMath: AlgebraConceptRochester
Wed, 17 July9:30am - 1:00pmWriting: Language ConventionsConceptSpringleaf
Thu, 18 July9:30am - 1:00pmReading: Comprehension 2ConceptRochester
Fri, 19 July9:30am - 1:00pmWriting: Expression of IdeasConceptSpringleaf
Mon, 22 July9:30am - 1:00pmMath: Word Problems & StatisticsConceptRochester
Tue, 23 July9:30am - 1:00pmWriting: EssayConceptSpringleaf
Wed, 24 July9:30am - 1:00pmMath: Geometry & GraphsConceptRochester
Thu, 25 July9:30am - 11:30amReading & WritingTutorialSpringleaf
Fri, 26 July9:30am - 11:30amMathTutorialRochester
Sat, 27 July10:00am - 3:00pmPractice TestFull-length TestRochester/Springleaf
Sun, 28 July10:00am - 3:00pmPractice TestFull-length TestRochester/Springleaf

July 29th - Aug 10th

DateTimeSubjectClass TypeLocation
Mon, 29 July10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 1ConceptRochester
Tue, 30 July10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: EssayConceptSpringleaf
Wed, 31 July10:00am - 1:30pmMath: AlgebraConceptRochester
Thu, 1 Aug10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Language ConventionsConceptSpringleaf
Fri, 2 Aug10:00am - 1:30pmReading: Comprehension 2ConceptRochester
Mon, 5 Aug10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Word Problems & StatisticsConceptSpringleaf
Tue, 6 Aug10:00am - 1:30pmWriting: Expression of IdeasConceptRochester
Wed, 7 Aug10:00am - 1:30pmMath: Geometry & GraphsConceptSpringleaf
Thu, 8 Aug10:00am - 12:00pmReading & WritingTutorialRochester
Sat, 10 Aug10:00am - 12:00pmMathTutorialSpringleaf

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Summer 2019

DateTimeSessionTest SectionLocation
Mon, 24 June10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review AReading & WritingSpringleaf
Tue, 25 June10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review BMathSpringleaf
Wed, 26 June10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review CReading & WritingRochester
Thu, 27 June10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review DMathRochester
Mon, 15 July10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review EReading & WritingSpringleaf
Tue, 16 July10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review FMathSpringleaf
Wed, 17 July10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review GReading & WritingRochester
Thu, 18 July10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review HMathRochester

October 2019 Test Date

DateTimeSessionTest SectionLocation
Sat, 21 Sep10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review IReading & WritingSpringleaf
Sun, 22 Sep10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review JMathSpringleaf
Tue, 24 Sep5:00pm - 8:30pmPractice & Review KReading & WritingRochester
Thu, 26 Sep5:00pm - 8:00pmPractice & Review LMathRochester
Sat, 28 Sep10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review MReading & WritingSpringleaf
Sun, 29 Sep10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review NMathSpringleaf
Mon, 30 Sep5:00pm - 8:30pmPractice & Review OReading & WritingRochester
Wed, 2 Oct5:00pm - 8:00pmPractice & Review PMathRochester

December 2019 Test Date

DateTimeSessionTest SectionLocation
Sat, 23 Nov10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review AReading & WritingSpringleaf
Sun, 24 Nov10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review BMathSpringleaf
Tue, 26 Nov5:00pm - 8:30pmPractice & Review CReading & WritingRochester
Thu, 28 Nov5:00pm - 8:00pmPractice & Review DMathRochester
Sat, 30 Nov10:00am - 1:30pmPractice & Review EReading & WritingSpringleaf
Sun, 1 Dec10:00am - 1:00pmPractice & Review FMathSpringleaf
Mon, 2 Dec5:00pm - 8:30pmPractice & Review GReading & WritingRochester
Wed, 4 Dec5:00pm - 8:00pmPractice & Review HMathRochester


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