Advanced Placement (AP) Exam For US Colleges

AP Exam Preparation

The Advanced Placement (AP) Exam allows both US and International students to challenge themselves, explore their interests, and earn college credit and placement. Your AP exam scores can earn you college credit and let you skip introductory college courses. There are AP exams covering subject areas such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Calculus, Economics and Psychology.

Prep Zone Academy has the best teachers to help you succeed, whether you’re just getting started or need specific help with difficult AP topics. The top schools in the US truly value AP results and it can be a great differentiating factor for internationally-based students in particular.  Scoring well in AP exams shows that you’re confident with college-level courses and are focused on US College admissions.

The AP Exams

The AP exams consist of 7 subject areas which are AP Capstone, Arts, English, History & Social Science, Math & Computer Science, Sciences and World Languages & Cultures. There are 38 AP exams in total as listed below.

AP Subject AreasList of AP Exams
AP CapstoneResearch, Seminar
AP Arts2-D Art & Design, 3-D Art & Design, Art History, Drawing, Music Theory
AP EnglishEnglish Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition
AP History & Social SciencesComparative Government & Politics, European History, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Psychology, United States Government & Politics, United States History, Modern World History
AP Math & Computer ScienceCalculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, Statistics
AP SciencesBiology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics 1: Algebra-Based, Physics 2: Algebra-Based, Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, Physics C: Mechanics
AP World Languages & CulturesChinese Language & Culture, French Language & Culture, German Language & Culture, Italian Language & Culture, Japanese Language & Culture, Latin, Spanish Language & Culture, Spanish Literature & Culture

Taking AP in Singapore

Common subjects that are offered by schools in Singapore include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition.

At Prep Zone Academy, we provide focused revision sessions to identify the topics the student is having the most trouble with. We first conduct a short quiz to assess the areas the student is struggling with most and then work through these question types until they are comfortable and confident to answer them on their own.

AP Test Preparation Classes available:

AP English Literature & English Language
AP Physics 1 & Physics 2
AP Math – Algebra I & II, Pre-Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Calculus AB, Calculus BC
AP Biology & Accelerated Biology
AP Chemistry & Accelerated Chemistry
AP Computer Science
AP Economics
AP Psychology

*If your AP Subject is not listed above, kindly drop us a message to enquire on availability. 

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